Endeavour Electronics - PIC-LCD

The PIC-LCD was designed to emulate the Circuit Cellar LCD-LINK, which is no longer available. The PIC-LCD is an LCD character display module intended to be used with the Circuit Cellar HCS II Home Automation System, and other home automation systems capable of RS-485 communications.

The PIC-LCD can be built in two different versions. The first version, Version 1, features both an RS-232 and RS-485 communications port, with no switch inputs. The second version, Version 2, features an RS-485 port only, and provisions for up to four switch inputs.

Both versions are 100% compatible with the LCD-Link command set, and feature piezo beepers, and LCD backlight control. Each PIC-LCD requires a unique address which is set with a jumper, and then retained in non-volatile memory.

PIC-LCD, Version 1   

The PIC-LCD will not be offered for sale, however, schematics, firmware, and Gerber artwork for each version of the board will be released.

PIC-LCD PCB, Version 1


PIC-LCD Hex File


PIC-LCD Schematic